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Kingsley Park 2012

Our Lentern Cross at Easter

In June, in collaboration with Duke Street Evangelical Messy Church and Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, we held
The Messy Church Games to celebrate the 2012 Olympics as a mission event on Northampton Racecourse.
It was a brilliant afternoon with around 350 adults and children coming to register and take part. There were
team sports and races with other activities on offer, ending with coming together for celebration and a free BBQ.
A well organised Christian event that took the church out into the community.











Kingsley Park 2011

Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of King James Bible, May 2011, our solemn Preacher wearing an original gown,carrying a 'pocket Bible' and giving a taste of a service in latin.













6th Northampton Boys’ Brigade – 100 not out!

Were you at Kingsley Park on October 16th? It was so wonderful to see our church so full and to see all the happy faces as people came to celebrate the 100thAnniversary of our Boys’ Brigade. There were so many faces from the past, so much jogging of the memory as I tried to put names to faces!

I do congratulate the Officers and Helpers of the 6th for all the work in tracking down old boys and inviting them to attend the service, I am sure that they felt it was all worthwhile on the day. For so many to make the effort to be there shows that the Brigade held a special place in all their lives. To see the 11th Northampton BB Band lead the parade off round the streets brought back so many happy memories, it was very good of the band to come to help out, it really did make a difference

At Kingsley we have a proud tradition of Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade and I do thank all those who have worked so hard to keep both companies running – the work is hard and getting harder, so let’s remember to say thank you to all the staff and pray for them and all the youngsters in the companies – we are so fortunate to have them all.

Congratulations to the 6th Northampton Boys’ Brigade, keep up the excellent work – you now hold the baton!

Linda Leathersich